tuan phan
graphic design freelancing dabbler
off-time semi-socio-political graphical activist
full-time graphic design teacher

too lazy to update my website part04 (fallí20)
too lazy to update my website part03 (sprí20)
too lazy to update my website part02 (fallí19) [ridiculously lazy]
too lazy to update my website part01 (sumí18Ėsumí19) [like real lazy]
from this (me), through this (them) to this (us)
I still believe
When in Thailand, who’s in Austin?
I visit Eddy Roberts in Florida
Daniela Marx visits austin, TX
screen printing demo
iím satisfied w/ grocery bags
Suthada Wadkhien wants posters
i moved into a house
for the kiddos of friends & family
i want to believe
make a choice
own a tiny piece of tuanosity
a thick-ass book wannabe
one thousand index cards on a wall
500 doodles + 500 words = 1000 index cards
tryin to make a this & a this into that
passing the time in el paso yet
aiga calarts tshirts yet
not for profit stickers
plastered broadsides yet
billboard not
i profess poster not
drawing liquid posters
“and” poster

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