tuan phan
graphic design freelancing dabbler
off-time semi-socio-political graphical activist
full-time graphic design teacher

tryin to use these raw graphics within some “post-colonial” graphic design packaging and books (sum 23)
too lazy to update my website part04 (fall 20)
too lazy to update my website part03 (spr 20)
too lazy to update my website part02 (fall 19) [ridiculously lazy]
too lazy to update my website part01 (sum 18–sum19) [like real lazy]
from this (me), through this (them) to this (us)
I still believe
When in Thailand, who’s in Austin?
I visit Eddy Roberts in Florida
Daniela Marx visits austin, TX
screen printing demo
i’m satisfied w/ grocery bags
Suthada Wadkhien wants posters
i moved into a house
for the kiddos of friends & family
i want to believe
make a choice
own a tiny piece of tuanosity
a thick-ass book wannabe
one thousand index cards on a wall
500 doodles + 500 words = 1000 index cards
tryin to make a this & a this into that
passing the time in el paso yet
aiga calarts tshirts yet
not for profit stickers
plastered broadsides yet
billboard not
i profess poster not
drawing liquid posters
“and” poster

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